Why work with us for your Medicare needs?

Greg Preite is an independent broker with Applied General Agency (AGA).  As such we have access to over 20 different Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans and we are part of the largest Medicare Advantage organization in California.  We offer our consultation services at NO COST.  This includes:

  • Personal appointments with you and your spouse
  • Reviewing co-pays
  • Explaining the limitations of each plan
  • Providing detailed information on time frames and enrollment periods
  • Assuring that your plan covers your medications at the lowest cost
  • Finding plans that are accepted by your physicians
  • Finding plans that are accepted by the hospital of your choice

We do not SELL Medicare policies, we simply assist you in finding the policy that is the best fit for your needs. Again, all of this is done at NO COST to you.

Give us a call today at to schedule an appointment or to get additional information. We look forward to serving you.

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